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Ocean and sand


Throughout this digital portfolio I will be highlighting my passion for content creation by integrating original content created on Canva, projects done throughout the semester, and previous work that I have created.

Sand and ocean


In my digital portfolio I will be showing my writing skills through the original blog posts that I create. My blog posts will be based on class assignments and will focus on social media campaigns, including marketing and public relations strategies.

Clear water at the beach


My digital portfolio will showcase what I have a passion for along with my interests and skills. This is highlighted through my pages like blogs, along with my previous experience with using different programs that are used for graphic design, marketing, and writing.

“We Cannot Become What We Want By Remaining What We Are”

Max De Pree

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I am currently a senior at Salisbury University studying Communications – Public Relations. I am a Communications and Marketing Intern at Avery Hall Insurance

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